Brick House

Srishti Roshan

Bite me 58 time the clock
Bite me 60 time the clock
Hickery Dickery Tock Tick
Tick Tock Hickery Dick

Hick Hick goes my friend,drunk.
Full of drunkity funkity Spunk.
Hand now let go..Mauve
Eyes spill, liquid Mauve

Someone shadow above small baby me
Talking accusingly
Pointing 12 toe at me
All this I see

White room I enter
With gold bed in the center
Someone in it
Electric rays Testing her limit

Voodoo black magic
In my Veins they run
Deep sleep brain activation
My journey has just begun

Mirror on the wall Mauve
Scar in eye,bird eye View
Bird eye View,Third eye View
Mauve eye now blue

Teardrop fall tip tip
Down to cheek and lip lip
Body hourglass mine
Time hourglass slipping from mine

Live and smile all the time,time hourglass
Life petal dropping from flower vase
Mystery ball squeaky shiny
Future present past not very shiny

Golden platinum emerald silver ruby
Jewel thief what we used to be
Feelings mixed feelings not heard
Martini,shaken not stirred.

Mind stuttering mind clammering
Mind Wondering mind pondering
Indecisive confusion
Mirror illusion

Mirror mauve
Now pink and blue
Mirror red
Now, Sweaty dream bed.

Deep sleep deep sleep
Fleshy Insides call me
Grassy green under feet
Sapphire river I leap

Robot spider monkey
Fight lipless monster baby
Open white door to see
You deep dive into me.

Music in my ear
Coming from a different plane
Somewhere else
A different world a different domain

A distraction it is
From going in to deep
Layer of onion I peel
Layer of walls i break i feel

Mushy brain pulsating I sense
Blood gushing intense
Mirror I see cracking and breaking
See my heart stopping and aching

Blue blood pink strawberry swirl
Who I see not me another girl
She glowing a power boost
Who is she I need to get introduced.

Mind not letting me fix
Building wall cement and bricks
Brick one brick two
Brick three brick four

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