Breathing Her

Vinay Vashisht

‘I Love You’ breathes heavy,
And something rises,
Amidst the sultry pheromones,
And falling awareness and clothes;
The disheveled breaths, they collide;
The changing shapes and sizes.

My lips caress the contours of
Her half-open mouth,
Peach and apricot, her now discoloured lips,
Her moist and tousled hair, effusing sandalwood and musk
Are Pulled back, clenched tight;
Her tongue sloshing in mine; can’t shout!

She tries to squirm
Against the constraint of skins,
As her unvarnished rose petals
Are Opened to heaven
With warm throbbing flesh,
And the trance that enlightens, begins.

Her blue veins and brown spots
Puff up and grow darker,
As she tries to wriggle out,
And press close,
All at the same time; decorating me
With her nail-marks.

Every lick of ache
Reddens her moist lips; and her chasms
Covered with the crest of sweat beads,
Shimmering in pale moonlight;
Her shadow dancing on the windowpane,
Lost to orgasms.

Her fine eyebrows
Change curves with every thrust, and,
Her parting lips spew warm gusts
of tormented breaths.
Her sublime skin drapes
Her perfect curves and
The succulent flesh,
That jiggles like bobbing waters,

Her creasing forehead and her moans,
A narrative of seraphic bliss,
Thrust into her through
A dark cave; lightened white.
She melts like chocolate,
A serpentine rivulet;
Her dark swollen rose
Drenched with the scent of attraction,
Inviting the wasp,
To sting again,
And again;
Imploring with pulls,
She wants me to explore her,
Till eternity.


  • 🙂

    Neha Vashisht
  • Nice job bro… Keep it up

    Mukesh Meena

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