By Maria K Jimmy


When will your hands release her

From the stench of your sin

From the abyss of hatred you wear on your sleeve.

You reach out for what you want

At the meeting of her thighs

The golden warmth in her eyes

From the ingots of gold stacked away in secret niches inside of her.

You beckon her to yourself

Like dirt beckons a swarm of swines to itself.

You taste the succulence of her lips

And you say to yourself

She's just a tender and gentle being 

A drop of the morning sunshine

Easy to prey upon

Easy to break into shards of fine glass.

And she smiles - a wrong, plastic grin.

Watch her carefully

Notice every inch of her like never before

The block of her heels

The click of her painted toenails

The swell of her chest

The bevy of her heavy arms.

Did you not come to realize that

The eye of her storm is in the ghost of her half grin

Hidden in its unattractiveness

In the imperfection of her body

That she has always kept hidden from you

In the free spiritedness that she has kept aside for rare occasions

Does the size of her heart upset you

Does the eccentricity of her thoughts make your heart pound ?

Is it your small mindedness that isn't letting her build kingdoms of her own

Did you not see it

The muzzle of war within herself every morning

As she climbs out of bed

From the half-remembered dying dream

That slowly burns itself to ashes - black and crackly.

She looks around herself and sees cities

Burnt into flames

And memories short-lived

Too forgetful for human minds.

The throbbing hate that she feels for you

Probably grows deeper into her bones

It must be so much more 

Than the pretend love you fed her with

During your bloody little infinity.

You lost her in the pointlessness of your half assed apologies

In the scandal of your fabricated remarks

In the restraints that you built for her wings.

You never watched

As she showed you trunks from her childhood memories

From days gone too soon

Of merriment and brutal innocence

You never listened

As she bled the scrapings of yesterday's bad dream into rhythmless poetry.

Let go of the strings that you've held her with

She's a tigress softened by the ordeals of life

Let her growl

Let her roar

Let her be herself

Let her just be

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Breakup'

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