Break Up

By Harjyot Kaur


I saw you on the other side of the room,

a drink in your hand, a smile on your face;

my heart sank, but you looked happy, 

so I stole one last glance, and left. 




I remember everything about that day,

each detail of that past, engraved on my mind;

I remember how your hold on my body loosened,

your face became lifeless; 

your smile, it just disappeared, 

never to be seen again,until tonight.

I held your hands in mine,

all too aware that this will be the last time,

I looked at you, or at least I tried, 

and I told you, it’s time to say goodbye.

You let go of my hands, and I’ve never 

felt that warmth again; how can I?

Strange hands are always cold.

I remember that piercing look,

how it tore me into countless unfathomable pieces, 

some of which I’m still trying to work with,

barely able to hold on to them;

Others lost in the process of letting you go.

You walked away that day,

just looked at me, and left;

never said a word. 

The silence lingered, and now,

after months, I still feel it,

walking beside me; my only 

companion now.




I stole one last glance, 

not ready to have to leave you again,

Half-hoping you’ll meet my eyes,

But the silence stared at me, 

And told me, it’s time to say goodbye (again).

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Breakup'


  • Strange hands are always cold woaah this like touched my heart dear ! Keep going ❤️

    Ankita kukreja
  • To see all that you had within arms reach and miles apart, breaks you into all those tiny pieces that were only beginning to come back together. Alas! Broken things can shatter more, not become whole again.

    Your words are beautiful! 🌺

  • The best one I have read after a long time……..I just kept on reading it again and again 🥰🥰

    Ramanjeet kaur
  • So well written… Choice of words is excellent… Keep it up… U have a bright future ahead…

    Harcharan Kaur
  • “Strange hands are always cold”.

    I am never getting over this line.

    Prabhjyot Kaur
  • It is relatable for those who have felt the bitter side moment of love. I loved it.

    Lambila Ng

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