Akanksha Bajpai

Bloodwatch clutched to arm. Horrible,but it makes me calm
Tiktok syncing to heartbeat, should i be alarmed

Eyelids hanging in midway, neither open nor close
Hellguards hanging to roof , death is peeping through the door
Weeping witches uncurling my hairlocks from eternal time
Placing their fingers to my body reminiscing dalliance
Blood clutched to my arm ,so horrible but makes me calm

There's a aisle to creepy forest ,bloodrivers ,dreadful cries
Central fort a home to satin,veiled women making sacrifice
Bloodwatch dressed to my ,satin laughed by surprise
Women dancing sofly moaning ,everyone of them dies
Bloodwatch clutched to my arm , deathrattle but makes me calm

There's a factory in the darkest roads looking like a womb
Giggles turned into silent cries buried down in a tomb
Three feet wide a flowering grave ,life stops to succumb
Bloodwatch destroyed my sins now it is down in the dumps
Bloodwatch clutched to my arm , scary but makes me calm
Tiktok synced to heartbeat ,should i be alarmed

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