Blindfold Alley

By Amika Sethia

exfoliating a trench of mud and silver,

bits of gold shimmered in the faint

reconciliation that burning books and

caravans tread the same path as I

when I go to hidden prairies.

soundless steps pace before me

warning me of my own shortcomings

a pause                        shame in sight

to the trees and rabbits,

I wither in a big city and smoking chimneys.


  • Nicely captured the theme.

  • Nice imagery you got in this piece.

  • I loved the use of white space after ‘pause’. The poem as whole was amazing.

  • Power packed. Such few lines say it all.
    The last line is exceptionally strong.
    Good job. Keep it up

    nija mehra
  • Hey Amika! Love the imagery. I agree with Sanya, the ending is hauntingly beautiful. Looking forward to more from you :)

    Meghna Nair
  • I like your last line. It’s a very powerful ending

  • Beautifully written!


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