Bisexuality: A Crime?

By Deepali Saxena

After 12 months of birth,
two kids uttered "mum",
mothers ran to capture the moment,
the last second of their glum.

Did they stop seeing a girl,
or merely a boy??
No, juvenility was more important,
the love came out of joy.

The kids grew up playing in sand,
learnt every posssible lesson.
Philantrophism, they were seeded with,
with every bit of perfection.

During their teens,
their youth experienced a swirl.
One fell for a boy,
and the other for a girl.

The latter was married,
to the girl of his choice.
But the former was denied,
the basic right of rejoice.

His life resided in a
person of same sex.
This was his only fault,
the only reason behind his vex.

The society spoiled their life,
made them cry each day.
Yet they comforted each other,
in every style & every way.

He couldn't understand the upbraid.
Responsible was the seed,
He pleged to overcome,
to overcome & to impede.

Together they decided,
to live the soul deaden.
They chose to fight, through
their only seed as weapon.

They travelled cities & countries,
spreading the message of love,

It took a long way,
they still have to go.
They are tired, exhausted,
yet, will they stop? "NO"

"Hold Hands", says $RICH,
to support and believe,
Single motto to be raised,
"to live & let live".


  • Thanks a tonne. :)

    Deepali Saxena
  • Deepali, you’ve written a beautiful piece. It is so deep and so awakening. Keep up your good work.

    Dhiranjan yadav
  • Master Piece !
    Hats off to you !

    Juhi Gupta
  • Commendable work

    Aashai Singhal
  • The lines have been so intricately interwoven… commendable work

    Abhijeet Dey
  • Nice…. Beautifully written

  • So beautifully written!!! :)

    Kanika Chablani
  • Great writing. You have the ability to combine poetry with storytelling, which I feel is splendid.

    Sanya Jain

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