By Akanksha Chawla

Monsoon mangoes, dicing, the ritual

she was lost in a trail of thoughts

the wedding day, an auspicious day, his auction day

vows were made, promises betrayed

the bid was high, yet lower than his ego

her mother was wailing

his father, raving

blood soaked, white table cloth

her son shouted, "help"

she had just cut her finger

but the pain, was somewhere deepeer


Her clothes, ripped off

A parable of shunned dreams

Her confidence, stripped off

Her soul she tripped on

As it lay forlorn

Her lips, dry

Her skin, scarred

Husband's love, did hit hard

Her nails, she dug deep

To subdue her screams

The children, were asleep



When her eyes fell, she gasped

His brutality, unmasked

She pulled the sleeve

And continued to smile

For at a family wedding her husband was a saint

They'd built him a shrine



It's your fancies, not my duties

It's not your house, but home too

It's not just, YOUR house

I'm your wife, not a charity

Then why, why this disparity?

Her eyes turned red

As she screamed, she yelled

Her lips she bit

Like a beast he hit


The sindoor, a marked territory

Their marriage, a mere mockery

Her bindi is not submission

They are bangles, not handcuffs


  • Terrific. Bravo girl, bravo…

  • Thank you so much everyone. Such words of admiration, inspire me more than any writer ever could.

    Akanksha Chawla
  • Awesome amalgamation..Keep it up

    Niharika Srivastava
  • So expressive and touching. The inner sentiments and contrasting reality. Too vivid.

    Kanta Paul Dhawan
  • Incredible poetic verse !! Keep writing..

    Uma Singh
  • Bahoot khoob. Atti uttam Abhivyakti

    Reeta kapoor
  • Very touching.

    Usha Sachdeva
  • Greatt loved it ❤️

  • Truth has been displayed in words wow good job excellent!!

  • Very well done… keep up the good work .

    Kiran sharma
  • Truly very heart touching poem.
    Well done!!!!!

    Deepika Rohatgi
  • Great poem

  • Very nice poem. Heart touching

    Deepali Jain
  • Good Job !!!!!

  • Wow magnificent expression

  • Deep thought….

  • Truly beautiful poem..??

  • Really a good poem ??

    Meenakshi Mittal
  • Deep thoughtful words and touching poem.Keep writing.

    H K chawla
  • Really nice

    Sakriti Dixit
  • Excellent poem my dear
    Chhota packet badda dhamaka
    Love you

    Reena soni
  • Really nice ?

    Sakriti Dixit
  • Very nice

  • Truth touching poetry

    Deeply touched
  • Loved the poem..It hurts some where deep

    Nisha K P
  • Deep…Good one.

    Prabha Prakash
  • This poem is magnificent, especially the build up towards the end. Keep writing, much love <3

  • Wohooooo! Good one. Brutal yet so true

    Angad Sharma
  • I love your piece! It speaks about a topic so brutal, so beautifully and yet it doesn’t fail to hit you hard!

    Manjari Gupta
  • I really like this poem …

    Dhanashree Das

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