Beyond Seventh Cloud

Taiba Shariq

Sat prepared with passport and waiting for our visa to arrive, the clock ticked all curious;
That moment got serious, why? because my body felt numb, my breath was fading and heart was anxious.

It felt like a dream when my eyes caught a shimmering light with smoky clouds, in between angels seems appearing ;
They said,"Welcome to your final destination.", and hand me my visa to heaven, now got my jaw drop off on hearing.

There were this big luxurious vehicle prepared of fragrant wood and decored with flowers, just as I covet;
A moony chandelier with golden lining and starry lights in it, it seemed ineffable but was worth it.

Long way passed, a huge gate of gold stood there, it can't be more alluring when our beloved creature of God showed up;
He, the one I used to dream of, beautiful, warm hearted and as pure as snow, his sight made my breathes ruffled, in air my eyes stuck.

As he opened the gate, I felt their neither cold nor heat, too perfect to not be pleased;
There is ultimate joy, for we'll live without dying and nothing left to feel bereaved.

We await there, for our names to be called upon in the waiting zone;
While you are served a wine with pinch of ginger and being honored alone.

We are covered in a beautiful clothing of silk and scents of musk upon us;
Befall in the age of forty, sitting with biographies for all to see accompanied by our spouses, all beauteous.

The angel there would guide us to our palaces, as for we adapt the height of sixty feet;
You will be loved, cared and respected, with no suffering left, a reward to reap.

Pearls and diamonds will drift out of the sea and land on the shore, all gorgeous!
A everlasting meteor shower to get drentched into, blinking to the stars out to the sky they gush.

Trees with trunks of gold and leaves of silver, hanging fruits on it that never decays off;
And how about waterfalls of milk and honey, would not it all make your soul float off?

Where the skies are colorful, just as your hearts will be and without any hatred;
With flowing rivers of wine and milk, getting everything you wish, isn't it enough to get everly elated?

A 'knock' on the door of my castle, that were angels, they told, "Almighty wishes to see us all."
We gathered and he announced that today he intend to give us everything before the offer falls.

"For us there is nothing more to ask for, Almighty. We are all fulfilled." We allayed;
We just wish to see you for once and feel your divine touch is all we prayed.

A blinding source of light followed after lights, just could stand there crying our hearts out;
Our souls got washed seeing him with our naked eyes, now could say, my past journey is a one to be proud of.

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