Being Stray

Aeishwarya Chaudhari

Do you really feel that it helps?
When you pray…

Joining hands in front of the God
To stay refrained from being stray

Was being stray so unsolicited?
Or did that mean that your thoughts were unlimited?

When you gazed at that shining star
In the pretext to hide that every big and small scar

This act was never destined to assist you
There was no meaning to bid an early adieu

Instead you could have reached out to your loved ones
And would have given them a chance to help you stay afloat for once

You needed a bail out from your inveterate thoughts
Someone could have easily cut those knots

The pains that you experienced
Must be quite mysterious

Was your journey a real mystery?
Or people chose to hide their irony?

Your resilience was perhaps unfathomable
But trust me you were never meant to be perishable
But trust me you were never meant to be perishable


  • Strikes home. I am sure it does with others too. Loved it!

    Arwin Mathias
  • Nice

  • Amazing aishwarya mam…👍

  • Superb !!!

  • Beautiful

    Maulik Buch
  • Beautiful

  • Beautiful

  • wow! Aiswarya. perfect one in today’s times

  • Superb girl… Very well penned it. The best part is, this is really positive.

  • Nice composition Aeishwarya

  • Too good 👍

  • Beautiful!!

  • Good one..!

    Meet Trivedi
  • Super like! A message must needed in today time!!

    Deepti Hegde
  • Superb

  • What a beautiful thaught, just loved it ❤

    Bhagyashri Patil

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