Before I wake up.

Ayushi Agarwal

Oh! What a wonderful place will it be
Kindness all around is what you see.
Help and care would be your nature to learn
Where mental illness would almost be none.

Bullying and Teasing will no more be a trend,
Only love, luck, and wishes sent.
No one would judge you by your shape and size,
No comments passed for those spots on your hands and thighs.

White and Black would be mere colors, not discrimination,
Whatever you wear would be your personal choice and fashion.

Boys not feeling guilty to cry, girls wearing their backless top,
Boys would express their emotions while each one understood the depth of – ‘NO, STOP!’

Our Gay friends having smiles of acceptance by the society,
Why just Male and Female, let there be ample of variety.

Education and learning used as synonyms
Degree and marks would be their antonyms.

Where happiness is driving the car and money would sit behind,
The first day of school, English literature, chapter 1- Be kind

Mistakes won’t define your failures and certificates your success,
You will be loved and admired, no matter how organized you are or messed.

I dream of systems to being changed for real,
I dream of happiness without boundaries of fear.

As I wake up tomorrow, I don’t want it to be a mere dream,
Only we can change the world and let the world see.

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