Before I Met You

Sangeeta Dey

Before I met you,I never knew
How it feels like,
To be in love,
That kind of love
Unintentional and Unexpected,
That feel to be embraced.


Years passed by falling,
for the wrong
How right it feels,
to be with the right one
I never knew,
Before I met you.


Peace in talks,soothes soul
Smiling face is where
Positivity holds.
Deprived of love,I never knew
How glory can be love 
Before I met you.


When difficult is time,
strength is you.
Sailing along the shore
What else can I expect more?
Before I met you,I never knew
How it feels like to be kissed
Lips attached and heart in could nine.


I want to grow Old with you 
Even we are different two.
Like there's no two thoughts
Just with you and all you.
Now that we know
I am yours and you are mine
Being together,we'll shine
Dear,Will you be my Valentine?

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