Shritama Sarkar

every night i seek to settle
keep going in and out
restlessly move here and there
to hug them tight
to see if their belly is moving
so i believe its all fine
nothing's gonna happen
no one's gonna take them away
as if my eyes and limbs
would help me keep them close
would help me protect them
oh there's fear in me
the fear of death
the fear of losing myself through death
that i would no longer
be able to find myself
slowly i learn how silly i am
how did this fear make me think
i would lose my soul
the sole thing i'm made of
how would it go away
even after leaving this body
i am the soul in every life
would grow from the same root
the soul that forever remembers
how it felt in each moment
not sure if a blessing or a curse
makes me see how much love i have
for this root i'm growing from
i am blessed to be made of
very like you all
i have a stream of love
flowing for my soul

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