Because It is Un-named

By Pooja Bhat

Polished with fake expressions 

Binded with false promises. 
Hated by everyone. 
There he roams , door to door. 
Hated by everyone
Cheated by all. 
He is broken and all alone. 
None is there, happiness no more
Draped his face , pasted a smile.
He there, walks with pride. 
Deep inside, he knows his hard time  
All alone, and none to guide. 
He is weeping there, which the world isn't aware. 
Wants someone, loves everyone. 
Needs love, fears to hurt
Wearing a torn out piece of shirt. 
Challenged by thoughts. 
Pissed off. 
All alone he is there
Roaming door to door. 
Next time you meet a guy 
Open the gates of your heart 
And forget measuring him on your scale.
You'll get to know how tough life is, and you aren't the one Alone. 


  • Good work beta…keep it up..

  • Insight to reality……….appreciation for such wonderful work??

  • Awesome work…keep it up

    Mohit Aneja
  • Really amazing…. Emotions are very well expressed. Remarkable work by you. Keep it up. And all the best ♥
    Ayushi Sharma
  • Well written

  • Good work…keep it up

    Sushil kumar
  • Good work…keep it up

    Suzuki kumar
  • Amazing.. I love this soo much.. And it’s sooo true.. Watching this world or a person without judgment can change the mindset of so many people. Truly inspiring..

    Apoorva Kohli
  • Ravishing. Had a great time reading it. ??

    Annu Choudhary
  • Truly musing of heart ! Fabulous ♥️ Keep it up ! Eagerly waiting for ur next musings ……

    Atul Naresh
  • Gr8 job….keep it up

    Shreya Saxena
  • Really amazing!!❤

  • Soo deep ❤

    Unnati maheshwari
  • Fabulous bachha. Great efforts keep going on ?

  • Really amazing ❤❤

  • One wrd to say…..magic❤❤❤❤
    Keep it up..!! Dear???

  • It’s just sooo amazing… ❤️ Beautiful writing… ? Just loved it… ?

  • So beautiful?

  • It’s really beautiful ?? ; i have never read these type of felling . It is awesome

  • Dude, you have an amazing talent, great job❤

  • Its amazing …the lines are true,touches the hrt nd keep it up ??

    Divyansh rastogi
  • Its amazing …the lines are true,touches the hrt nd keep it up ??

    Divyansh rastogi
  • Ever line,every word is heart touching.Kaisay hua yeh.My blessings are with you.

    Sanjay Kauk
  • Amazing ❤

  • Heart touching poem bestest poem❤

    Sakshi yadav
  • Perfect one❤️

  • Surely a nice one❤️keep going

  • Best one ?

  • It’s just beautiful❤…keep going dear…all the very best !

    Neha sharma
  • This was too good pooja….awesome work…keep it up❤

    Lakshay dua
  • Wow Dear, this poem is made purely from deepth of your heart which expresses the reality of life and symbolizes the love & happiness towards everyone at the end. Post some more of your thoughts and let the world know about your appreciable talent.Good Luck?

    Sanjeet Kaul
  • This is truly amazing? You write so good pooja❤ Eagerly waiting for your next poem?

  • Very well written . A great effort . Closely touches ones emotions as one reads on . God bless . Keep it up . Happy New Year 2018 ???

    Sushil Wali
  • This was really heart touching hats off ??

    Agrim rajvanshi
  • Keep it up..!!?

    Mukesh Raj
  • Great pooja ….

  • Let poeme est formidable (the poem is wonderful!!!)

    Smeesh Koul
  • Well done pooja.keep it up

  • Thank you people?

  • Each of those words pour different emotions into the readers heart.
    Touched ❤️

  • Wow Pooja Its Awesome ?

    Aman Ansari
  • Great poetry ? I love it waiting for ur next poetry
    Namrata arora
  • While reading this piece of art I feel that I’m reading my story …. Great work keep it up ??

  • This is fantastic. Extremely good use of imagery and very vivid. Can’t wait to read more of your work.

  • This is fantastic. Excellent use of imagery and very vivid. I’d love to read more of your work.


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