Avoid self- destruction : fill positivity in the thoughts suction

Venya Garg

The loss of something ,
the aim to gain everything ,
positive thoughts suction and the fluxion of negative thoughts;
the pain, trauma, anxiety, abuse, neglect and ruction,
lays the grave path of what is known as self- destruction.

Chain smoking, thinking it is providing happiness ,
is taking life through its destructive smoke, filling in weakness.

Alcohol or drug abusing, thinking it will take away sorrow,
will actually hurt as if stabbed by an arrow.

To let go anger, hurting oneself is not an option,
sabotaging close relationships, housing a mindset of neglect, pitying oneself: these are not healing happiness potion .

Binge eating, compulsive computer gaming are long term pain (may be very short term pleasures),
to control these destroying habits, one must adopt countermeasures.

It's slightly difficult to control self destructive thoughts,
but one need to and can share thoughts with others as an open spot.
Hiding emotions, showing the feeling of naught ,
and continuing self destructive actions, is not correct.
Adiction, anger, depression are the reasons ,
we need to fight them in every season .

Life is precious,
so no one should indulge in activities which are precarious .
We should defeat sorrow with our power of positivity and happiness.....

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