By Gayatri Aich

Forgive me

For being a mess

In your

Already messed up life.

Yes, I am clumsy

I trip and fall

When I wear heels

I prefer messy buns

And sneakers

Matched up with

Oversized tees and blue jeans.

I know I may not be

The kind of girl you wanted

But forgive me

I fell in love with

Your scars

And your broken pieces

I never planned to, trust me.

It was beautiful

How you touched me

My naked soul -

Much before running your hands

All over my naked flesh

How you caressed my cheeks

When we first kissed

How you rub my back when I am sick

How you curl up like a baby

In my arms

And fall asleep.

You, my dear

Are a science geek, unlike me

While I read a thick Victorian novel

You tend to stick to gaming.

You and I

Have come so far, you see

They said we won’t last

They didn’t know

That your atoms love mine

Inseparably, infinitely.

It now seems all vague, you know

The kind of love stories

I was told when I was a kid.

My prince didn’t ride a white horse to get to me

He doesn’t even wear the superman cape

And nor did he care to impress me.

I fell for a boy

Just as weird as me, a little less crazy

Curly hair

Brown eyes

And a fat tummy.

It’s been days and months and weeks

And all I wish

Is to stay wrapped in your arms

Every night

And fall asleep. 


  • This was absolutely charming!! Please check out my blog it will mean a lot :’)

    Riya Singh
  • I really love the essence and feel here

  • This poem brought wide smile to me..
    Loved the part where boyou is described as more of a real flesh and bones rather than being dreamy but virtual price charming…

    Jeta srishti
  • Heart ❤? touching ?

    Tania chakraborty

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