As I Chanted The Om It Reminded Me Of My Home

By Sowmya Reddy

As i chanted the Om it reminded me of my home
Which led me to my tomb
My tomb of my old self with a story
A story which lacked every emotion except pain
Where i was pushed to the floor with strength that seemed unbeatable
Where everything on me was pulled or rather torn away
They touched every part of mine
I felt caged like a bird maybe the bird’s cage was better
I had to hide myself inside myself or in any way which did not have an entrance
So they couldn't reach me even through a gap
I had to fight hard so they would stop laying their hands and their tongues on me
I felt like a peppermint being licked
I kept telling myself that i had to run from their clutches
I tried to yell, i tried to kick them but i ended hurting my leg
I kept losing my strength every minute i felt a touch
I remember laying naked on the floor
Cheers to those who played their amazing roles
I ran to a place far away from everyone, everything
Where i told myself
And everyone must tell themselves too
You are what you are
You don't need people or situations define you
You yourself are your strength because even your shadow leaves you in the dark
You are strong because you did not let that shine inside you die
You stood for yourself like the Earth which is still doing so
You are the star which lits itself with light because you lit yourself in times of despair too
You are that better half you have been looking for
You are the sky which welcomes change Sometimes the cloudy sky, the clear sky, the sunny or the rainy or the sky of birds
The sky also deals with thunder and overcomes it too
You don't need to always crumble like that tree in fear of thunder and lightning
You can also be this tree which stood still in case of everything
I do miss my old self but i love my new self which garnished me with courage, confidence and many more.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Trauma' 

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