Arising I

By  Ayushi Garg
This year my new year resolutions begins with me
Not with others
Or what changes they want to see
This year's new year resolutions begins with me.
Not enough,
Can't measure up,
Stop! This all
I've heard enough
I have to put out the fire
Burning me inside
I got to be the phoenix who arise
I got to be me
I need to do me
Cause this year's new year resolutions begins with me.
The hurt in the past
That knock on the door
The terror of losing
Everything that I hold
Running in the race
With no finish line
Forsaking 'I' incessantly
All this time
But not anymore
It's Time to stop
The never ending cycle
Of Limitations I own
Cause I'm more than this
More than these 
Labels and tags
More than what they can't understand
Stop me,
They can't!
Stop me, 
They won't!
Come what may
This new year is hashtag beginning with I.


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