Answer; you my being

 By Suffiyan Ahmed       

If i am to travel, no one but you, be the diary. 

If i am to dream, no one but you, be the vision. 

If i am to sing, no one but you, be the rhythm. 

And the last thing that makes you discernible which i must aver,

If i am to write, no one but you,decipher it’s emotion. 

Oh! my melancholy soul; no one but you i shall call. 


  • Hey fella,
    Such a confused person you are.
    This poetry shows your confused state of mind.
    One of my close friend has personally experienced this.
    I am desperately waiting for a final conclusion. ;)

    Shreya Ladia
  • Oh Suffiyan, no one but you I shall marry…..

    Hermoine Granger
  • Sab chutiyapa hai….maal maro….so jao bhai…

  • Be an auror bro…..lets fuck Voldemort….

    Harry Potter
  • Come be a death eater….join my league you fucking bastard….

    Lord Voldemort
  • A sea of emotions and love

  • Dear Suffiyan,
    This is a beautiful poem. You have managed to convey a very deep emotion in a matter of few lines. I love how you have used various analogies to bring out the role of the subject.

    “If I am to travel, no one but you, be the diary”.. I particularly like this line. Traveling is an experience that affects all of our senses, the mind and leaves a lasting impression on our memory. And a diary is one place to reflect on all of this..

    Please do keep on writing !

  • Precisely cherished!!!

    Another Boy
  • Such a well written poem with so many perceptions.

    Kaomudi kedia

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