And We Kissed

Aashna Shah

On mushy beach sand,
Under numerous constellations,
And besides crashing waves,
We were sitting by grasping our hands.
He was looking at unfathomable ocean,
But my eyes were looking at his charming face.
Moon radiance was making spot more amorous.
He caught my stare and glared me more intensely.
Slowly he leaned towards me and put his lips on mine,
His impromptu act brought romantic hurricane in my belly,
My senses became vigorous,
And my hands were rolling on his coquettish whiskers,
I fiercely kissed him back.
I tasted his passion so deeply.
He rubbed his cheeks against mine,
Which make my heart throbs unbeatably.
Then He hold my face and looked at me.
He firmly grabbed me from my waist,
And my hands were moving through his black hair.
On that seashore,
I recollected shattered pieces of my soul,
Which finally fall in the ultimate place that is "under shadow of him and his arms."


  • Aha beautiful poetry, Aashna.

  • Thaank youuu!❤

    Aashna shah
  • What an amazing poem! Hats off!

    Riya Dani

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