Eesha Roy

When I hear Night,
I think of times I spent under your gorgeous tresses,
When I hear Morning,
I think of the blush on your cheeks.
When I hear Dusk ,
I think of times I ran my fingers over your closed kohled eye,
When I hear Dawn 
I think of the comfort that your arms offered when they were around me.
I think of you as a painting
A painting so divine
A painting so perfect
A painting so goddamn fine
A painting as classic as the tunes of Dylan
A painting as vibrant as the pallette of Picasso
A painting so perfect that I don't know 
If it belongs to Romance
Or to Erotica
If it's a Dream
Or a Tornado
Of it's Sleep in the Couch
Or Dance in the Wild
If it is Desire
Or Aspire
If it is Warm
Or Cold
Whether I shall just Look
Or Hold
Oh Darling!
That's a painting 
A painting 
That is Worth the World to See
But you Don't Deserve it's Cacophony
That the World wants to Own
But  it fails to Afford
I won't have you in the Hallway,
But you'll be in my Moon Lit Bedroom
Echoing your Favorite Tunes
You may Laugh the Loudest
And do the Stormy Dance,
Or whisper your darkest secrets
And give My Poetry a Chance.
You may shout your Day off at me
It won't cause no harm,
Or Break Down for the Last Time
And Curl Into my Arms.
I know how perfectly my fingers 
Would play the melodies
On the reeds of your body
I know how beautifully our silence
Would knit the Best
Of the Drapes
I know how your eyes shine
Brighter than the night stars
When you look at me
I know how we make Romance
A lot more Romantic
Than it already is.


  • Thank You Catherine :)

  • This is a beautiful poem Eesha

    Catherine Shadap

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