An unconventional dream

By Suchismita Ghosh

Her big day! 
The day on which 
Her life was going to be 
Completely changed.
She looked beautiful
As she walked down the aisle. 
Her confident, glorious face
Looked most prettiest. 
Her mother's only dream 
Was being expressed 
Through the sparkle 
In her expressive eyes. 
Her father was the 
Happiest on her D-day.
His proud and elated face
Showered all the blessings. 
Her long wished dream 
Is finally going to be true.
The glamour on her face 
Marked her happiness. 
''Ladies and gentlemen, 
This is Captain Emma. 
On behalf of the entire crew, 
I welcome you all''. 
The Happiest pilot 
Started her journey.
Proud parents and the
Passengers sat in contentment. 


  • Great…….women empowerment.

  • I loved it.
    ‘’Ladies and gentlemen,
    This is Captain Emma.
    On behalf of the entire crew,
    I welcome you all’’.

    so happy to read this twist in the tale

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