An Open letter to Corona- In the unusual times of Corona

By Khwabida_ki_parvaaz

Dear Corona,
I'm not sure how you came, I'm not sure when you'd leave.
Maybe you came to break us and then later retreat.
But there's something that you never planned that made the earth heal.
Do you want to see, how you made the earth feel?
You gave us a chance to pause, you gave us a chance to breathe.
I thought of calling you nemesis but the very thought itself, quickly decided to flee.
I see people finally pausing and trying to think things through.
For they had taken for granted, so much they didn't knew.
But I see a new dawn by this new dusk that you brought.
I see lovers reuniting.
She noticed that sparkle in her lover's eyes, while they sat under the moonlit skies.
He noticed how her skin glows,
as they sipped healing during sunrise.
I see people finally sipping morning hues inside their brews.
Ohh yes, they sacrifice posting work views but end up watching sunsets hues.
While some played with their shadows and
remembered how they forgot their childhood blues.
Ohh yes they traveled back in time and remembered how it was, when they were nine.
Some little girls I see, decide to paint dad's toenail green. She rejoiced when she saw dad braiding her favourite barbie.
She brought ribbons and tassels while she believed, it was end of all hassles.
I see grandparents tell about war scenarios and stories while adults trying to unlearn most of their theories.
We now see, how man created machines and then became one.
Its time to build an emotional muscle and then experience being.
Its weird how we never knew but we needed this time to unlearn & unload.
To rebuild our lifestyles, cherish the humankind and stop getting bored.
Maybe its mother earth's way of reminding us who she wants us to be
Its funny that we fail to realise how our misery led to this beautiful an irony 
Its like humans are in cages and animals roam free. They wonder when will the Koala ask, do you plan to accompany me on a shopping spree?
This time made them indulge in art
This time helped them divulge their new start.
I see them finally decorating their beautiful little home
I see them making dreamcatchers from the left out and the thrown.
I see them painting pots and baking cakes whose recipe they had almost forgot.
People decided to not succumb to despair instead tried their best to be well prepared.
You brought people closer in fighting to eradicate you.
They now knew how happy they could be even when it wasn't for you.
Sometimes the worst of times, brings out the best in people.
So thank you corona, for being the healer you never meant to be.
Not yours,
P.S. I cannot forgive you for taking lives
but can for making lives.



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    Shruti Gupta
  • This really stood out omg it’s really good🥺💜


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