An Ode To Words

By Carolin Yanglem


Of all the things I want to be , of all the things I wish I am
‘Words ‘ I ardently love them, ‘Words’ I utterly hate them
‘Words’ took me to riveting silence
That morning rituals of reading, word by word
And the love I rise with it, at 3 it opened my eyes
To a world I never ideate, larger than the life itself
At 7 it roped me, to never ending fascination
To another passion of inking memories Words of my own, words a part of me
Silently it crept into my body, interspersed among my veins
At 13 it haunted me, the beauty tainted with black
Burnt my heart and burnt my soul
Words of love, words of lust, words of betrayal
And still, it draws me, like a moth to a flame
At 18 it soothes me, words I grew up with
Words that adds to the whole sum of its parts
Words that mould me, transcends my past To breathing, living and utopian dreams
At 23 it branches me to this woman,
Of compassion, of passion, of love, of kindness
Of wilderness, of craziness, of life
Words that binds you, words that leads you
How can you outgrow something that runs in your veins?
That morning rituals of reading, word by word
‘Words’ I ardently love them, ‘Words’ it utterly changed me
And I wholeheartedly hope that
‘Words’ I make them right, right here on this page.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'


  • Beautifully written. 🌻🌻

    Priyanka Basumatary
  • Such a beautiful poem written in such beautiful words!


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