An ode to my soul!

Kuheli Bhattacharya

Me being strong
Has gone on for long

Even if I give it a try
I’m failing to cry.
I really don’t know what to do,
There is a lot that I’m going through.

Past few days have been very cruel to me
It wasn’t something I expected it to be.

Suddenly the exams got cancelled
With the announcement amidst lockdown,
Since then I’m locked inside my room
Can’t even get back to my hometown.

Meanwhile, I lost my grandmother
Can’t even bid her one last goodbye
Why are my eyes still dry?
Then arrived other incidents
I fought with my closest friend.
Which brought our precious bonding to an end
Just within a few seconds.
I didn’t have anyone by my side
But I really need to hug someone tight.

I noticed its been a few days
My bestie didn’t give me a call
Maybe I hurt her in some way?
It’s a bad time going on after all.
I'm just messing up again
My heart needs some rain
So that all the pain
Can peacefully drain.

I need to apologize to my soul
Because of underestimating it very badly
With no idea that I could be so wrong
As to her being this strong
For all this while, to me she did belong
But I failed to realise it all along

Though I kept on insisting to be others
You kept pushing to find me.
There were lot of times I had to go through immense pain
You were the one who healed them again and again.
Even then if I don’t acknowledge you to be my best friend
I don’t know who else it could be?
You never were appreciated
Your wounds didn’t even get time to heal.
Every time you were criticized and hated
And brutally compared to all that is reel.

I know today you are totally exhausted,
I am why you are devastated.
Hey, you beautiful, I am sorry!
I will always be there for you don’t worry.

Before wandering everywhere remember
It’s from nowhere, but from within
It should always be yourself
Where love should begin.

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