An infinite 'ME'

Rini Sen

Blurred vision as darkness engulfs,
Proceeding am I to ‘eternal confusion’?
Strength leaves, eyes groaning!
Unburnt the ‘hope’, yet!
Come on! endure anxiety but
Yes, for ‘purpose’, I search,
Uncovering the layers,
With ‘truth’ I merge.

Smoke of ‘self doubt’ seals the air
Choking my creation, an unending affair.
Facts, but recalled: “Celebrates not the ‘finer’, but the one that fights!”
What tempts?
Solitude! and ease!
A past that aches, a curse that stays,
But I mend the shatters, attempt after attempt!

Freedom of ‘judgement’ absent of ‘interference’, lurks in the corner
& edges of my crooked smile shine,
As to bow down, I condemn, I refuse!
The mind unquenched, seeks to define ‘ME’
In an ordeal, so long, so ghastly!
A cage made of - age, colour, gender;
Questioning, am I able? Have I no dignity?
But I move beyond the conventions derived from BIOLOGY.
Breaking free, just to befriend INFINITY!

They say, “fall in love”
They say, “will you not wed?”
Well may be, to some, crucial it is
But, as Aarya says - “THAT’S NOT ME!”
So do I repeat.
Begin then I, a walk towards emancipation.
And fate shall foretell how I venture,
Before yielding to ‘life’, coinciding with the oblivion.

“Stop this madness!” they say again, “Only young/fair/men are ROWDY!”
& urge me to THROW UP to the toxicity.
But a voice screams- “Unheard you are, do something!”
Passion awakens, I brace myself & hold my pen
With a desire to fill this void, abandoning fears
Join, I, the new & the old, aiming to INSPIRE.

Cheers to the seekers, the fighters, the professed ‘shallow dreamers’
Defying the ‘terms & conditions’ with their radical dreams, crying out -

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