An Inexplicable Feeling

By Gunjan Nanda

As the sand slipped beneath my feet
And the water gushed across the shore
I sat there, gleaming with joy as I flipped the pages;
A book with a missing cover, similar to most people in my stereotypical life.

Two little birds perched beside me
With an unwavering look, they spoke to me
I lift my gaze from the cover-less book that stole my undivided attention
Just to look at the two lovebirds, eyes affixed;
liberated in love, transported to a different dimension

I fell in love!
I fell in love with their warm embrace, like it wrapped me up on a cold winter night
I fell in love when the waves met the shore
I fell in love with the way my finger tips circled around the words on every page of my worn out book
I fell in love with the silent sky and the summer wind waving goodbye,
I fell in love with the idea of love
Towards which I couldn't turn a blind eye

I lay there as the sun went down
The quiet crept into my mind
A silent storm sent a shudder down my spine
It was the feeling of love leaving me high and dry. 

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  • Beautiful beautiful beautiful

    Trisha Srivastava

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