An Indian Girl


I'm tired of being born in a middle class family as a 'girl',
Where my decision are not even mine to take!!
Where I can't even go out alone and can't think about living my life to fullest,
I am not lesser than a caged bird,
Who is fed and kept all nice but never allowed to open her wings and measure the sky.
You can't even think about doing anything wild or to go away someplace alone to free your mind.
You are kept like a porcelain doll who will break even by simple touching.
You are not allowed to go out on your own, not allowed to take decision of your life on your own, not allowed to even think about visiting some other state alone.
I know some men has cheap mentality who judges "Alone Girls" as rebels, as someone easy to have their way with,
but they don't understand , they are the wild fiery fire that can burn them alive, if they dare to put hands on her pride.
It is because of those disgusting men we are not allowed to live,
It is because of those gutter minds our parents have to think multiple times before allowing us to travel anywhere alone,
Because of these safety issues Indian girls are brought up as guarded caged birds who just shift from one cage to another when she get married but never allowed to fly.
Very rare or if you are a rebel will you be allowed to live your life on your own terms or else you have to spend your whole eternity in this dark room you can't get out of and being guarded forever by male figures holding the key to your door.
But all this is so suffocating, so dark and gloomy either it will kill your dreams to fly high or make you want to give up in front of your situations and to adapt and accept whatever is being served by your life .
Living in India as a girl sucks!!
In the end they call you weak, dependent and indecisive but they don't get ,its the kind of atmosphere we were brought in and kind of situation our Country has forced upon us, to always act like a dependent caged bird.
I don't know what to do in my life but right now I know ,I want to go in the mountains and breathe a peaceful sigh. Away from my reality of being a girl weighing me down.
I don't want to depend on anyone to help me Complete my dream.
I want to fly, I want to fly alone without any inhibitions of my gender, society and my living situations weighing me down.

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