An Elegy To The Amazon

By Rohang Mishal



We bawl like rabid rats

Play the game of blame

Fail to acknowledge – we as a whole are to blame


The lungs of the earth are literally on fire

As if it is a global scale anaphylactic shock

Yet, we just pity and not perspire


What a shame! What a shame!

We don’t have any claim

Yet we loot and set fire driven by greed

Against the Earth’s desire

To triumph at the futile money game


The amazon burns

As we sabotage each other taking turns

Not paying heed that we are taking more than what we need


The burning is a war

Against the indigenous- the children of the amazon

The burning is war

Against the flora and fauna - her vital organs


The amazon – a viscera, a mother

Protects the climate

A primal defence


But how can it anymore?

As she herself lay without any defence


The evil rejoice the grandness of her genocidal death

Unaware that her dying gift

Will be to everyone a gruesome death.


I offer an elegy to the amazon

As she still respires through it all


This is a wakeup call


For what will follow shall be a cataclysmic irreparable death fall

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 


  • The pain is hearfelt and beautifully conveyed. Great work

  • This is so good!!!

  • This is so beautiful, the pain of the woods and the fauna is very picturesque 👌👌

    Naiela Omer
  • Beautiful imagery ❤️ and wordplay, the poem brings out the pain we felt when she burned , how we turned to ash. Applaud 👏🏻

    Tanya D. Saxena
  • Superb work..

    Shruti Garg

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