Ambitious Conscience

Nandini Rao

The midnight whispers
Keep me awake, For I shall dream with my clairvoyance
By breaking the circadian cycle,
By counting the iota in every other constellation.

I dare seek the stars and marry the moon.
The deep darkness of the sky extends as the gloss of a woven gossamer
I must go beyond this infinite omega.
I stand up again; The lady Lazarus that I am.

I don’t just seek the pearl shut in a shell, I seek the whole cosmos,
The language of the universe.
I am an ingenue of a phoenix,
Aspiring to burn in the citrine purity of sun.

I will rise with more beauty than the Sistine Chapel
And the wit of Madame Curie.
I dare not rest my head now; I have to run, fly towards what I see-
Someone I am yet to be.

I must dream with my eyes open-
It is scary to follow but even scarier not to.
My insomnia has crafted me an ambitious bird,
Wings so daring, the spectrum is traced in amber and gravity fails its theory.

The sky sings to me,
in voice so ardent,
despite wanting to beat the insomnia I cannot.
Rather I stand and build my canvas.

I desire to complete the mosaic,
Then I answer back to the whispers,
“I will become brighter than the next sunshine
And to paint the sky red with mine own hand.”

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