By Souberi

      I'm drowning...
      drowning in deep melancholy,
      Lost in dense forest, alone...
      searching for smiles,
           happy feeling,
      a little bit of appreciation.
      See the air...
      taking me away from myself.
      The sun,
      showing angry eyes at me.
      Even water scare me.
      But streams always makes its way,
      through my eyes.
      they are stareing,
      laughing at me.
      Why not?
      They are the rocks, which never break.
      They are the trees, which never falls.
      They are the creatures, which never dies.
      Just rises...
      accomplished with the changing fashion.
      I'm drowning... alone...
      drowning in deep melancholy.
       Somebody give a hand
       away don't run.


  • Dear all, thank you so much..

    Souberi Chakraborty
  • Nice

  • Amazing!

  • Vivid images… I love it. Best honours the best. So, read my poem which is the best one.

  • Lovely…

    Tarun Sharma
  • Real plea for help and reaching out. Nice poem.

  • Nice poem :)

    Roohi Bhargava

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