All I Dream

Manoj Yaji

I am anything but a simple man
Living life doing whatever I can
I dream for a life little less tough
A simple upgrade soon enough
I do not think I am being extreme
But, to live in ease that is all I dream

A mansion overlooking the ocean
Servants available at my every motion
Fifty cars waiting for me at the door
A private jet or two, nothing more
Travel around with complete esteem
No one to stop me, that is all I dream

Hollywood making movies on my fame
Every person in the world knows my name
Donating half of my wealth to charity
Making it all back just as swiftly
People praising my every scheme
Appreciation et al, that is all I dream

The love of a woman for all to see
No matter the world, she will be by me
Happier than anyone who has ever been
Even getting a knighthood from the queen
The sorrows in my life drowned in a stream
Sweet happiness, that is all I dream

If you feel I am asking too much
Just my dreams are as such
There is plenty this world has to offer
Why should there be anyone to suffer?
To end all the discriminating regime
Mutual respect, that is all I dream

Live and let live you all
This life is a gift for us all
Let us all get along with each other
Instead of constantly fighting one another
Turn this innate vision into a real scene
Love and peace, that is all I dream

My dreams and reality may never coalesce
But I am determined none the less
I shall succeed in all my actions one by one
I will not be daunted by the work needed to be done
To make mental positiveness mainstream
I must never give up, that is all I dream

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