Ah! The good ol' days

Anugnya Chalamcharla

Is there anything better,

than those memories

of paper boats in water 
when it rained?
Wondering why the closet was so tall
and waiting to reach the height
always eager for a new doll
and also to travel by a flight
Pretending to be ill
and get a day off at school
never then realizing
that school was cool
Pondering about the monster
that always threw the thunder
and thanking those fairies
who pulled the clouds blocking the sun
that made me gape in wonder
Those bittersweet memories
bedtime stories of grandmother
and completing homework
to relish my favorites
made my mother
Oh how I wish those days
lasted forever and ever
but alas they were fated 
to remain pure memories
of the past.


  • Nostalgia at its best.

    Ayesha M. Hashmi
  • Golu!!!! I’m proud of you

  • 👌 put a smile on my face
    Nice work Anu


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