Sweety Bora

Once upon a time, I was a little boy;
My parents just adored me, I was their bundle of joy.

I turned into a teen and thought I was big,
I could not understand why they still called me a kid.

I thought I knew everything; my parents were such bores.
I thought it below my dignity to do the household chores.

My friends were now my well wishers, my parents enemies!
Their role, for me, was only to pay the college fees.

Life was a party.. that's what I did all day.
Studies, sports and other things, I kicked out of the way.

My friends taught me smoking, I thought it was so cool;
Those who did not smoke and drink.. well, surely they must be fools?

My parents were devastated, I could not see their pain.
They tried very hard to bring me around, but it was all in vain.

One day my best friend said, "Come on! Let's smoke pot".
And that in my life was, the beginning of the rot.

At first we were so happy.. it was oh so much fun!
But then slowly and slowly, it became a compulsion.

My pocket money was not enough.. I needed more and more;
So I started stealing from home.. and became a thief hardcore.

I did not steal just money, I stole Ipad and phone;
Leaving my parents wondering, where all those things had gone.

One day I did not have money, I needed a smoke so bad;
I tried to hoodwink the peddler, but he beat me blue and black.

Like a dog on the street he left me, he left me there to die.
"I might as well bid the world good-bye," I thought as I closed my eyes.

"Serves me right," I told myself, before everything went black.
Next I know, I heard my parents cry, "Come back son, come back."

I was on a hospital bed, my limbs were sore with pain.
My parents left no stone unturned, so I was well again.

My body was healed, but not my soul.. so I was sent to a rehab centre.
I worked hard and with professional help, I finally became better.

Although I lost some years from my youth, I'm thankful for the rest.
I thank my parents and I thank God, for I feel I am blessed.

I got a second chance in life, so I can afford to be instructive:
Do not be an addict my friend, 'cause any addiction is self destructive.

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