By Rohit Gupta

If death is the truth,
So is life,
But, there is indeed,
A stark difference,
Between the two tides,
As one symbolises movement,
The other only stillness,
One brings flexibility,
While the other supports rigidity,
As life denotes,
A mixture of happiness and sorrow,
But, death only worships,
The unending sorrow.

When we are alive,
We only talk about,
What death will be like,
But, we forget to enjoy,
The moments we have,
Thinking about our future,
Regretting about the past,
And, if that's not enough,
We talk about afterlife,
Where will we land,
In heaven's lap,
Or, hell's fire wide.
Just stop thinking about,
What the future holds,
And, for every doubt,
Take the step bold,
To introspect,
To know,
Where is the defect,
Then, work on your shortcomings,
To help yourself in building,
A strong relationship,
And, live each and every moment,
As if it's never gonna come again,
Live now, Live Today,
Don't put something on hold,
For the next day.
We won't be ourselves,
After the death,
Then, why to worry,
About, from future's prospect,
What, we shall be?
Where will we be?
Take care of,
What you have now,
Grab every opportunity,
Because, you don't know,
What and how,
It's gonna alter your fate,
Bringing happiness to you,
Before it gets too late. 


  • Life’s a curry, not a cure. Why we worry when wary and old? There is no heel to fear; it’s when myth runs cold.

  • Life is now, this moment.. Not the afterlife.. Rather life. Very nice..


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