Aabha Misra

Addiction fails infront of her eyes,
Breakup - the story of my demise,

Alcohol not addicting as her talks,
I miss peaceful shadow of her locks,

No hallucination soothes like her voice,
For her truths I gifted her lies,

Ciggarette doesn't suffocate,
But the guilt of realising her worth late,

Gave me hopes and dreams,
Even in return of tearful nights and screams,

With me in situations good or bad,
But I was an immature lad,

I told her lets end it all,
No stupid messages and irritating calls,

For hurting my innocent girl,
Let drugs destroy life revolving around her.


  • Very nicely expressed.

    Pradeep Kumar
  • What an illustration!!👏
    Such triggering emotions are so consciously penned💯

    Mansi Mishra
  • Wow 👏🏻👏🏻

    Hari Om
  • Woww Aabha😊

  • Vaah vaah ! Vaah vaah kya kawali hai maza agaya

  • Relating to the reality..haan!
    BTW too good and heartwarming 😍

  • This is so beautiful and real🌹 love the emotions behind the piece❤️✨

    Himani Chauhan
  • THIS IS SUCH A FINE PIECE. Beautifully decribed the emotions.❤️

  • THIS IS SUCH A FINE PIECE. Beautifully deceived the emotions❤️


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