Snigdha Munipally

It isn't what we have lost
It's what we could have built together, that breaks me.
Universe sucking the oxygen around,
Breath counts getting down.
Little much
Little too much
Of suffocation
Isn't good for you and me.
Passion to love you
Disappears, like a magical spell that instantly works
But, Without expiry date.
I did bend on my knees,
To reach the intimacy that drives the pleasure, to you.
But I feel tired this time,
Tired of showing you that my love is more than the universe between us.
(Whispers: push your limits)
I did! I did Master! Till I reach the zone of numbness, as the pain measures to infinity.
It was sexual abuse,
Not by you,
But by my mad love.
Love always has its own ways to hurt,
And addiction always has its own ways to get me back to you.

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  • “I reach the zone of numbness, as the pain measures to infinity”, this line actually made me numb for a second….it is really sad to see that no matter how much you love your loved one, still you are made to feel that it is not enough…………….


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