Accident Beyond Destiny

By Pranshu Chaudhary 
Skidding up on the highways,
Driving with rush,
Never realising how many people-
We’ve met beyond our destinies.
Passing through with a fake long smile,
Or maybe crashing into real short ones!
Man! It hurts, the charm you carry!
But since we met beyond destiny,
Time, today, has forced us-
To stand and move on!
Like the misfortune in a completely incomplete fortune.
But the moments when your word like smile-
Pierced my heart, hurts... HARD!
We know we would meet people-
Meant to be with us, in our cars,
By our side to witness with us-
This never ending today’s journey-
Called life.
So now, let’s stand back up with grace!
Fasten our belt! And move!
And let’s pretend that it was-
Just an accident beyond destiny!

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