A Well

By Churchit Naib

I am a well;
An empty dried up well. 
I have nothing inside me 
Except for some stones,
broken carcasses and shells. 
I am deep,devoid of water.
Do not jump inside me,
I'm  as deep as it gets. 
There is a darkness inside 
that dwells;
You can't call it black
Its just another hue of grey 
On the verge of attack.
Come closer and shout into me,
I will reciprocate 
With the broken echoes of words you speak;
'Cold and dark',I hear,
Justifying the hollows of this cave. 
A silent aura surrounds me 
While the darkness speaks loudly 
Of days and nights which slowly drown me 
Into the emptiness that crowns my bed.
You are welcome to enter this well
Its the solitude which might strip you naked.
Are you ready to cross the barrier and
Undo thy self?
I am just a carrier
Of the void you are abhorred to befriend.
I am just as well 
An empty deep well.

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  • This is fantastic. Great piece. Your extended analogy really is fitting with the theme of loneliness and a profound sense of depth — I like the literal and metaphorical depth you create with your analogy!


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