A Voyager’s Story

By Kampheriu Diengdoh 

A young cocoon with threads of fate,

A heart of love, knows not of hate;
With this I sailed the seven seas,
To travel forth, and not to cease.

In equal day, in equal nights,
I searched beyond the horrid sights
and found a place, with precious roots
of gardens full of fleshy fruits.

And then! An apple caught my eye,
I could not know I was to die; 
Of what I ate, I learned too late.
Belittled wings, were then my fate.

So now, I dream of promised lands,
And yearn to hold them in my hands – 
Firefly jars and starry tears,
To shine upon my weary years.

Then soothing breeze will free my fear 
And bring a thirst, that of the deer,
That longs to find a quenching quest;
To walk the Earth with restless zest.

And then I’ll take my boat and ore,
To seek the treasured distant shore – 
A home to live where sunsets rise,
And sleep beneath the blue moon skies.

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