rashmi sharma

It was a dark evening, I could recall
A flickering dim light with occasional cracks of thunder,
After a day of continuous pour
Resting for another session.
The day as it went by just like another
Until I realised it wasn't.
A ping of flashlight with blue texts flashed.
Realizing it was about to change all
I just didn't know that yet
Out came a blue pearl from the corner
Rolling out of scatter and darkness
And gathered one by another
In tranquility and warmth that carried my smile
Drawn me to an era of new beginnings
New thoughts and new tears.


The blue string lengthened adding one bit to another

I adored it around my neck layer by layer

Had I not taken that up from the window of reality

Would life have been different or just the same
But the future seemed to be more important than past.
The loose pearls started to add meaning
As it bounced up from floor and rested on my palm
The fragile string became unbreakable
As I looked it up from the pavement
Like a branch end of tree it started binding
Little by little until every loose ends tightened
Sometimes I feared it would imprison me
Sometimes I tried breaking it apart
Only to hurt myself and falling apart in a mess of myself.
My bleeding fingers would heal with time
As the pearls nursed my sore cuts
Was it a prison or a paradise I questioned
As I stared at those shiny blues
Joining up to another with little soothing clings.
Becoming one with my breath and arteries.
Immersing into my soul like an emptying hourglass
I couldnt take my eyes off the shine
As I looked into the mirror,I thought it matched my soul
Enchanted by the brilliance of its enigma,
And the alluring colour of royal elegance.


The happiness occasionally roadbumped

When the smoothness scratched with friction
As I saw the pearls tightened around my neck
I couldn't breath and everything felt dark
Just like that dark dim lighted evening
When I first met you
I grasped for air as the string got tighter
I cried,' Is this love?'
'Like always', you replied calmly like the soothing clings of the pearls.
The edge of string lead out a sharp cut
Stinging with a trickle of blood from my pale skin
I lay down holding my neck as tears rolled down my eyes
Maybe this is what it is they call love.


My eyes blurred with the vision of happy me

As I clasped my neck struggling up for life
That wasnt me, that couldnt be me
I knew I wouldnt lead myself to that
There I saw myself, just through the window
Smiling and running along the green meadows
Mountain grass and wildflowers nearby gurgling stream
And I lay down as the grass brushed my hair gently
The pain seemed to lessen with seconds
The vivid colors painted pictures of life and love.


Slowly my vision cleared and I stood up holding my breath
I looked myself into the mirror
The cut started healing inches by inches
The pearl string loosened up just till my collar bone again
And I felt it weigh down on me
With its enticing colour of captivation
Its shine & its piercing blue of royalty
My teary eyes smiled again.
I stroked my necklace clinging to my skin
Running my fingers along the smooth stones
And the reddish cut that was healing
I know there wasn't going any back
As I saw myself from the window
A mirror that I chose to apprehend
A reality that I wish I could amend
A life that wish I could somehow merge
With the window of my alternate reality.
The infinite string extended out as I looked down at my hands
My palms opened up to some pacifying clings
And a luminous radiance charmed my eyes
With effulgent streaks reflecting
My very colour of love
My string of blue pearls.


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