A small life

A small life. 
Happy a Sunday, 
With no anticipation for Monday.
Let me enjoy the sun, the wind,
And the flowers.
Life smiles at me,
And with wonder I follow it.
But why are those faces so grim-
Heavy and hard!
Isn’t life a beautiful privilege
To live, breathe and enjoy. 
Are they blind to see the life around, 
Are they deaf not to hear the song of birds. 
Why can’t they drench themselves in the rain, 
And dance like me? 


  • Such a subtle but important observation by the poet that how a child thinks of life as a privilege while the adults are busy complaining and ignorant to the beautiful symphony of life.

    Dinesh Kinger
  • Through your poem, you have beautifully shown your readers the privileges of being a child and the shortcomings of being an adult. Your poem reminds me of Teasdale’s Barter. 😊

    Amrit Versha

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