A Revolutionary Act


By Nandini Mazumder

In my country

Falling in love is not only a poetic act

It is a political one

It is an act of bravery

It is revolutionary

When my great grandfather defied his family 

And walked out of his home

To marry the child widow he had fallen in love with 

That historical act of revolutionary love

Set the rest of us free forever

And those of us who came later

We fell in love and lost ourselves 

We loved unabashed and unapologetic

We were poetic about it

Because someone before us had dared to fall in love

And set us free

And in my country

Love always was and will always be

A political act

An act of bravery


Because even today 

Men and women are killed for falling in love

Their dishonorable death’s are ironically called, honor killings

Men and women are tried in courts for falling in love

Meeting of their hearts is the ridiculous crime of ‘love jihad’!

The society and state passes judgments on love

Deciding if it is 'natural' or a criminal offence

As the spectre of 377 hangs over the head

And falling in love and expressing it 

Holding hands or a peck on the cheek

Stealing a glance or moments of intimacy

Overcoming the anti-Romeo squads and the bullies

Resisting, challenging, changing

One love at a time

Because in my country

Falling in love

Is not only a poetic act

It is a political one

It is an act of bravery

It is revolutionary.


  • Whoa yess!

  • This is why I love poetry and you have just said the bitter truth dipped in butter.


    Geetika Kaura
  • Truth cascading…
    Beauty is what the poem beholds❤

    Mansi Yadav
  • Beautiful.

    I totally agree with you especially we too were freed by our grandparent’s brave step!

  • Master piece. Keep writing, it matters.

  • liked it
    loved it
    lauded it….
    keep writing…

    Neha S
  • This poem is so relevant in our current times. Great write :)

  • This is one great piece of poetry!!!

    Nivedita Baraily
  • This was an amazing piece! Please check out my blog https://mycaffeinediaries.wordpress.com/ it will mean a lot :’)

    Riya Singh
  • What an amazing passionate thought! Loved it! Absolutely brilliant.

  • Such a passionate poetry " for love".

  • Absolutely gorgeous! The intensity of the poem is beautiful.

  • The poem itself is an act of love and an act of rebellion! Marvelous! ❤

    Rashi Chauhan
  • So bold and so real. Loved it!

    Brinda Sarma
  • Beautiful and bold. Loved it!

  • This is so good. Thought provoking and intense.

    Jimmy Sur

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