A resolution

By  Nivi Agnihotri
The happiness
Whizzing in the air,
Since it's time to 
Bring forth the hatched pearl
Out of the shell!
The Sun commenced 
His rays to assemble
From beneath the sky,
And meet somewhere
Behind those cottony clouds!
So, it's a new year eve
Time for me
To Speak, strike and redress
The Resolution i planned!
My eyes went on a run,
Cacophony of voices rolled
Speaking a thousand words
But none i can hear!
And i faced the Darkest Truth
Pictures of these lined in a row
Sensing Dystopia around my heels,
Oh! Father and Mother 
Getting old mixing tragedy
In my throat
To swallow it whole!
So, a resolution,
Come forth;
To read them more,
And to write them more,
And to light up the darkest truth
That prevails
In the narrow streets 
Of my Heart!


  • Awesome..👍

    Nishat Fatima
  • Good work keep it up

  • So good ,keep it up.

    Shivani Yadav
  • wonderful

  • Great work keep it up🙂👍

    Nuzefa khan

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