A Resolute to a Resolution

By Varsha Mishra
I stood up near the lamp post in that crowd,
As I heard people shout out loud.
The clock struck 12, 
Oh! It's 2020, lights in the air,
And I wished all a happy new year.
Marking the new beginning of a journey,
To the path less travelled,
Which is not yet unravelled.
To the new me,
Who loves to be glee.
To the advancements in life,
wherein I deep dive,
To those new adventures,
That I would cherish forever.
I welcome this new year,
With all my mirth and cheer.
I hail to you!
I resolute to compassion,
I resolute to dispassion,
And that unwavering passion.
I resolute to push myself a little farther,
And to spread that very ounce of laughter.
I resolute to give up on my dejected emotions,
And l resolute to live every moment,
And rejoice in the present.
I resolute to be resolute,
And further to be everafter in gratitude.
I resolute to be a little more humble,
And hereafter to be a warrior invincible.


  • Very nice

  • Vryyy nice

    Shamsher Singh
  • A proud moment all of us
    God bless you

    Rajeev kapoor
  • Very nice!

    Renu kanojia
  • Such a beautiful poem, lots of Blessings, I have seen your growth Varsha, Keep it up!

    Nagendra Dixit
  • Nicely embedded thoughts. Keep it up.

    ABHAI Srivastava
  • Similes and beauty.. its a happy resonance!!

  • You have beautifully penned your thoughts down. Eagerly waiting for your upcoming works.

  • Waah atulneeya talents bahut Sunder

    Ramanuj Tripathi
  • Nice

    Usha Mishra
  • Awesome, Heart touching.
    Please keep it up.

    Navneet Shukla
  • ❤️❤️

  • Lovely!

  • Absolutely love it! Positive vibes all the way 🔥

    Paree Punnj
  • Na

    Sharmila Maitra

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