A Realisation

Vedika Paliwal

Where did my childhood go?
That chubby face with a smile engraved,
Could melt even the toughest.
That jumping and running with tiny limbs,
Be it outside home or within.
That little mouth which chattered endlessly,
Was always forgiven for any folly. 
Those little treats : teddys, cars and sweets,
Those simple games which we played like insanes,
The delight of them all, was so cheering. 
Those friendship bands and holding hands,
And on 'pinky promises', we took a stand.
Thinking of my childhood , gives me umpteenth memories.
How can i forget those times ,
When i was adored by everybody?
Time flies by, and so did i grow up. 
Only to realise that the world's a selfish place,
Full of poisons and maze!
But every step we take , is something in our fate.
Things happen for a reason,
Either a blessing or a lesson.
And gathering all this, i bloomed with maturity.
And looking back, i realised
The best thing in life, is to hold on to your strength.
And after wandering here and there,
I realised, my childhood went nowhere, 
It is still within me.
Residing in my innocence,
 And I'll embrace it.
Because Sweetheart, 
This is 'My Strength',
And I'll shine with it.


  • On a rainy day in winters if you come across such beautiful memories what better treat you demand. Beautiful work. Keep going 💛

    Bhagwan Joshi
  • Beautiful, lekin rukna nahi hai, aur aage badhna hai. God bless you.

    Mukesh Kumar
  • Nice poem

    DK Chouhan
  • Lovely words and thought i really liked it ☺☺

  • Well done Vedika…heart touching n beautifully chosen words…your childhood reflects maturity…👌👌☺️

    Mikky Paliwal
  • Thank you so much everyone.
    Iam so overwhelmed at the moment that i feel short of words. Never did i knew that one poetry written randomly , someday would gather so much love and allocades.
    In my own words,(Your motivation)
    “This is my strength, and
    I’ll shine with it.”
    Lots of love and

    Vedika Paliwal
  • Awsom……..its reality…..very nice…..great job……keep it up……and congrats…..

    Rajnandini paliwal
  • Awsom……..its reality…..very nice…..great job……keep it up……and congrats…..

    Rajnandini paliwal
  • Very well said, Vedika.

    “ my childhood went nowhere,
    It is still within me.
    Residing in my innocence”

    That’s the truth. Keep it up.

    Atul Paliwal
  • Very well said , dear vedika
    Keep it up dear .
    U r word extremely touches everyone hearts.

    Piyush paliwal
  • Beautifully written 😊

  • Great Job Vedika,
    You were really able to bring the innocence, the fun, the confusion, maturity out on front with words. The turn of emotions were well put.
    Keep it up.

  • Beautiful poetry…buddy

    Nitin Chand
  • wow wonderful , it reminded my childhood…😊😊

    rashmi jethi
  • Written beautifully


  • Wow it seems like you had a wonderful childhood

    Deepa Birthwal
  • Every lines here….just so heartouching😇
    Really great👍

    Muskan Gurung
  • Awesome👌👌💕💕

  • Osm
    Its perfect

    Rohit mehra
  • 1st line described everything 😌🙇🏼‍♂️

    Sunil Singh
  • Well said ..keep it up

    Sachin Negi
  • Well written

    Surbhi jain
  • Its awesome👌👍

    Gaurav Rathaur
  • Too..beautiful loveable nd heart touching poem…💞💞💖💖💖💖💖

  • Like the tittle suggests, this poem is realisation indeed.

    Soniya gupta
  • Beautiful💕

  • Worthy of praise!

  • Beautiful like you!!❤️

    Pundrik Shukla
  • Life is like a book,every chapter teaches us something.❤❤ your poem says it all girl 💕💕

  • It is reality ,that came out from your words.😢 This is to be appreciated❤✌

  • I really liked your use of words.
    Thnx for sharing this.💯

  • Thanks Shivani Tyagi. You guessed it right.

    Vedika Paliwal
  • Thank you so much Rakhee. It feels wonderful to hear from you after so long.

    Vedika Paliwal
  • The words sound’s like they come from the heart ❤️

    Shivani Tyagi
  • Beautiful n heartfelt poem vedika💕💕💕

  • This is really sweet Vaishali, thank you!

    Vedika Paliwal
  • Deserved to be admired. ❤️

  • Thanks for being my constant Aayushi.
    Means a lot to me.

    Vedika Paliwal.
  • 👏

    Tarvinder Brar
  • Loved this! The poet has captured the essence of the topic very earnestly and beautifully.

    Aayushi Gupta
  • Thank you so much, dear Ashish!☆

    Vedika Paliwal
  • Thank you Dinesh Kinger. Feels good to know that you’ve got the essence of the poetry!

    Vedika Paliwal
  • It’s perfect.

    Ashish Kumar Singh
  • The poet has brought extreme nostalgia as the childhood is captured perfectly through words. Also, even when the transformation from child to a grown up is shown the poet has managed to capture the optimistic view of the world which is very soothing.

    Dinesh Kinger

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