A Prison In Paradise

Ramya K

Closeness that makes me grow breathless,
Distances that pave longings, restless,
Down there somewhere lies a fortress,
Where he reigns the prince, I am his princess.

Skyrocketing, a heartbeat, a breath frenzied,
A mind in equilibrium, off anxiety freed,
He turns tides when he's not to be seen,
Madly I surveil with peace wiped clean.

When eyes meet, a shower of flowers unseen,
I rush to his side to know where has he been,
Warring an impulse to wrap him in my arms,
To lull my heart and dismiss all of its qualms.

In solitude I confess to feelings foreign,
That could be christened love yet aren't benign,
Admit to my fear of getting rebuffed,
In a prison in paradise, left behind to scoff.


  • Beautiful poem der!!
    Keep writing more :)

  • This is just amazing! Best thing is the flow and style of the poetry.. Loved it ! ?❤?? Hats off! ?

  • This is too good man! Please check out my blog https://mycaffeinediaries.wordpress.com/ it will mean a lot :’)

    Riya Singh
  • Beautifully penned, well crafted. A touch down to emotions. <3

  • Beautiful poem. Congratulations to the poet for penning down this beautiful piece. Please write more.

  • Superb poem, hun! It’s a very good poem to read! Keep it up!

    Meena J
  • Thank you, all!

    Ramya K
  • This is absolutely beautiful. Great work

  • The poem is nice. I like how it shows the restlessness a person has when he/she falls in love and is unaware of the feelings. But slowly when in solitude awareness takes over and shows what love means.

  • Fantastic poem! I could feel every emotion!
    Hats off to the writer!

  • What a beautiful poem! Loved reading it. I wish the author all the very best for her future

  • Amazing work here, pleasure to read it! Kudos to the writer!

  • Awesome poem with an amazing and impeccable flow and style. Truly marvellous!


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