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A Piece Of My Peace

Virtika Choudhry

I looked around myself and I just perceived black and white,
the shades had turned to grey and nothing seemed so bright.
The tears I'd been sniveling were colorless,
the monsters I'd been fighting were heartless.
I was messed up in this dull era
with just toned down sight and no aroma.
The walls were pale and sky was black,
no colors around so nothing much to drag;
I'd been living inside this,
I'd been dying with this.
The dark patches on my body felt heavy with all the intimate words,
I was devoid of bravery;
The scars I faced, the death I saw
the tears I cried, my mouth was now too dry.
"Let me live" I shouted.
The white light just started to fall in my eyes,
the black and white were melting especially the lies,
The scars were beginning to heal,
serenity was what I began to feel.
The walls were starting to color now and suddenly there was something on my head,
a crown?
"Save me" I saw you.
The sky with your smile was turning back to blue,
you held my hand was what I could see
And the dark shades were starting to flee;
suddenly everything was enlightened
all the colors were brightened.
You were smiling while standing infront of me,
my hand was now all colorful, I breathed.
I woke up and saw you sitting infront of me
"Bad dream?" you asked and kissed me
Suddenly I no more felt blue
You took every inch of me in you with your hazel eyes
and for the infinite time, I gave myself to you.

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