A nightmare or a dream?

Maliha Kazmi

Dreams too can cause hurt
Dreams too can shatter hearts

Many were born to be butterflies
but as caterpillars were torn apart

Their dreams were full of colors
Of wings to carry them far

Their innocence shining - a bliss
In it, nightmares had no part

Then came the war of hunger,
of greed, power and scars

Casting their wondrous dreams
into graves of shivering hearts

Hiding in their cocoons
the nightmares came in the dark
Their fates were smeared with darkness
like a night without stars

slowly leaving their cocoons
they're moths with nowhere to start

A nightmare to their dreams,
a disgrace to the beauty of the flowers

No longer a part of beauty
These moths are their own charms

light is what leads them
in lights are their hearts

A moth is no monster
lingering in the dark

towards the end there is always light
if moths take that path.

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