A naive cognizance

 Yogatrayee Adhikari

Catastrophic and apocalyptic
Wrapped in evil sheath
A dichotomic mind
Burned in prejudices
One ripped and
Splintered soul...

I peered down the abyss of repugnant souvenirs
Only to be occluded by a maze of myself
I am the Minotaur at the centre
Lost at being the hunter and the hunted..

I searched for the stars
Only to be guided by Pleidas tired of playing the game...

Gravitated deep inside my bosom
Screamed for identity,
Originality and uniqueness...

Set boundered by all the patriarchal domains of sex and shame,
I was taught
To foster the asleep Stheno in crumbling pieces,
Scended pride penetrating your chauvinism
My pen
Has lived through the ages of Bolshevik Revolution
Recorded every moment of repression,
And can repulse your aura of superficial pride
Blurred with tinge of wine stains
My cup of coffee can debate over your opulent champagne...

Songs and reds forge into oblivion
Southey Coleridge become outlandish strangers
With bruised wrists and pale skin
I savvied
Identity is
To self introspect
Defying all the queries of the mass
Till death
Embraces me for my

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